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This book concentrates on the role of commercialized intermediary actors in migration. It seeks to understand how these actors shape migration and mobility patterns through the services they ...

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New perspectives on the changing epidemiology of sub-Saharan Africa.

Epidemiological Change and Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa offers new and critical perspectives on the causes ...

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This multiauthored book explores how many influential ethical traditions secular and religious, Western and non-Western wrestle with the moral dimensions of poverty and the needs of the poor ...

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Frame analysis has long been an active field in journalism and communication, but there are many chaotic, ambiguous definitions and duplicated studies.
This book combines subjective phil ...

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This edited book brings together new perspectives on fashion, the body, and politics. The intention of this collection is to explore the cultural intersection between bodies, fashion, and tr ...

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This book explores the history and agendas of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) through its activities in South Asia. Focusing on interactions between American ‘Y̵ ...

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The transformative wave of Darwinian insight continues to expand throughout the human sciences. While still centered on evolution-focused fields such as evolutionary psychology, ethology, an ...

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This book offers new interpretations of many of Bach’s late compositions which include complex musical techniques such as canon. These techniques held great significance for Bach and h ...

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This book explores the fascinating phenomenon of place event marketing in the Asia Pacific region. It examines procedures in the promotion and branding of places that use events to shape the ...

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Marriage was historically not only a romantic ideal, but a tool of exploitation of women in many regards. Women were often considered commodities and marriage was far away from the romantic ...