Build your first game with RPG Maker MV .

Build your first game with RPG Maker MV
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What you'll learn
Build a game in RPG Maker MV, compile thier game, upload it to sell.

If you were able to enroll in this class, you can make a game! This is a very easy, step by step course. Students are encouraged to ask for help if they have questions or have problems.
To follow along with the demo version you will need a Windows machine. If you want to follow along with the full version a Linux, Windows, or OSX machine with Steam and RPG Maker MV

In this course we will be going through building a game from scratch, start to finish. We will go over tips and tricks, how to export your game to various formats, and how to publish you game(s) for free or get paid. We will be going through step by step in a easy to follow instructions. If you have any questions or issues during the course? Contact me and I will do my best to help you out. Just because you buy the course, doesn't mean the support ends there.

Don't stop yourself from realizing your dreams of building and publishing your game. Grab the course, get the software (demo or full) and build your first game!

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