Complete guide to eBay: Comprehensive in depth study course .

Complete guide to eBay: Comprehensive in depth study course


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Created by Sergey Kasimov
Last updated 10/2017
What Will I Learn?

Learn how to be successful on eBay
Be experts in listing, researching and editing images to use for eBay listings
Learn how to start an ecommerce business
Discover hacks, tips and tricks exclusive to eBay
Learn eBay account management and superior customer service
Figure out how to manage the expenses of your eBay business
Print, ship and use tracking like a true professional seller


Have an open eBay and Paypal account
Complete the assignments assigned in the course



eBay Powerseller academy: comprehensive in depth study

Have you ever wanted to learn how Powersellers create a successful business online? Then this comprehensive course is for you! No short cut is taken. It is designed to teach you how to create and manage your eBay business, one step at a time. It is as if I am sitting right next to you and guiding you along the way!

You will not find this much knowledge in any course on Udemy! I explain, in depth, every trick, hack and strategy you need for Powerselling on eBay! Best of all, if you're already taken my previous courses, this course is still brand new! No repackaged information- all info is the latest, most extensive and best details on each topic!

Take your knowledge to the next level! My teaching style is mostly screencast which is a superior way to learn technical information. Few Udemy teachers use this style, and none have my experience with selling on eBay. Sign up today and learn from the best! Graduate with the knowledge that only true eBay Powersellers know!

To your success, see you on the inside!

Your instructor,

Who is the target audience?

If you want to become an eBay Powerseller fast
Enjoy learning using hands on screencast tutorial

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