Concepting in ZBrush with Alex Figini (UPDATE) .

Learn Squared – Concepting in ZBrush with Alex Figini (UPDATE)
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If you've ever felt overwhelmed by ZBrush, you've come to the right place. Follow along as concept artist Alex Figini takes you through his entire process for creating complex characters and props for films and games. Covering everything from basic principles to advanced sculpting techniques, this course is a robust toolkit for concepting with ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, and Keyshot.
Lessons in this Course
Recommended Software:
ZBrush 4R7, Keyshot 6, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Photoshop
Optional Software:
ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge
1. Getting Started
(10 hrs, 54 min)

A great piece of concept art depends on a great idea. In this lesson, you'll learn how to deconstruct a creative brief, conduct expansive research, and turn your original ideas into an array of diverse sketches. Alex will demonstrate his techniques for drafting a multitude of character and prop designs, and share tips on refinement to prepare for sculpting.
2. ZBrush Fundamentals
(6 hrs, 4 min)

Prepare to take the plunge into the wild, daunting world of ZBrush! Alex will walk you through his entire playbook, covering a range of both basic and advanced tools from start to finish. Learn how to properly navigate ZBrush and make the most of the powerful tools at your disposal by starting your very first character sculpt.
3. Advanced ZBrush
(16 hrs, 17 min)
Take your sculpt to the next level by employing advanced ZBrush techniques into your workflow. Alex covers his process behind refining a sculpt, and all of the tools necessary to pose your character and bring your work to life. You'll also learn the ins and outs of Marvelous Designer to add an immense layer of detail to your sculpt with realistically simulated clothing and garments.
4. Final Presentation
(3 hrs, 12 min)

Properly presenting your work plays a huge role in its success. In this final lesson, Alex will show you how to render your sculpts quickly and realistically using Keyshot, as well as final compositing techniques in Photoshop. Learn industry-standard best practices for creating pieces to showcase in your portfolio for films and games.

Authors: Alex Figini

Date: 2016

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