Creativelive Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting .

Creativelive Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting
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Capture Authentic Emotion

Over fifty-five percent of communication is done through non-verbal gestures. It's essential for photographers to understand the fundamentals of body language in order to better communicate with their clients. In this class, award-winning photographer Stacy Pearsall teaches how to make solid first impressions with your subject through the use of body language.

With her honest and straightforward teaching style, you will learn how to:

Observe and decipher non-verbal cues
Use light and shadow to convey emotion and create a mood
Utilize appropriate lighting for specific personalities
Use body language techniques to capture authentic expressions from your subject
During live photo shoots, Stacy will explain and demonstrate from start to finish how to connect with subjects through positive body language, maintain connection by touch and energy, and capture their true likeness with gesture and light. By the end of this class, you will have the tools and confidence to photograph your clients to show their authentic personalities.


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Date: 2019

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