Home Grown Food Summit 2015 .

Home Grown Food Summit 2015
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You know I love gardening. My family thinks I'm obsessed and I probably have to agree with them. On April 6-12, you have the opportunity to grow your knowledge for organic gardening and organic living. You can grow it faster than if you read a wheelbarrow's load of the best books on food production, harvesting and preserving.

This year the Home Grown Food Summit will host 35 presentations from experts, across a variety of organic food topics. These presentations are from experts who'd be the authors of many of the books that would otherwise load your "To-Read" wheelbarrow!

The Summit draws together educators who are passionate about sharing and improving knowledge around organic food production. So passionate. they are sharing their experiences and secrets.

How does it work?

Get 4 Free E-books:

1. How Much Land You Need To Grow All The Food You Want – Can you really grow all of your own food in 4 ft. like some of those Internet ads claim? Do you need 1, 5, 10 or 100 acres like various homesteading books discuss? Reading this e-book will make you much smarter about physical reality and what is actually required

2. 6 Ways To Keep Chickens and The Best One For You – How much time, work, and feed does it take to keep chickens? Are some methods easier or less expensive than others? This e-book compares six different methods and shows you the best.

4. Saving Seeds And Living Free – This is just a really well it written e-book covering all the fundamentals of seed saving. Great to have as a reference.

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