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Sourcing profitable wholesale products to sell on Amazon does NOT require expensive tools or complex strategies. We can prove it!

Are you ready to source unique, high-margin inventory using the latest creative wholesale sourcing strategies? Our coaching clients have consistently reported incredible results time and time again with these exact, simple strategies!
For the first time, weve captured the strategies in step by step video format for anyone anywhere to use!
In this simple course youll discover 25 methods of uncovering untapped wholesale suppliers and manufacturers quickly. These are strategies that your competitors are missing out on!
Learn how you can build a solid foundation of replenishable inventory that is easy to scale up.

Are you ready to add …
… to your online selling business?

Are you looking to make your business fit your life rather than trying to fit your life into the needs of your business?

Selling wholesale allows you to automate nearly all of your sourcing and shipping process using the step-by-step instructions well show you on exactly how to find new wholesale accounts and how to maintain them. Once you have this established you can outsource an increasing amount of your day-to-day activities.

8 Modules with Over 5 Hours of Video Training
This course is packed practical, actionable content you can use immediately.

Fundamentals of Wholesale – 5 videos
Getting Started – 3 videos
Finding Suppliers – 25 videos
Reaching Out To Suppliers – 4 videos
Talking To Suppliers – 5 videos
Examining Price Lists – 5 videos
Creating A System – 5 videos
Additional Insights- 2 videos

In these video modules well show you:
– Everything you need to know to profitably source wholesale products as an online seller
– Understanding the basic fundamentals of wholesale
– How to know if a wholesale supplier is legit
– What you need to get started
– List of research tools to speed up things up
– 25 different ways you can find untapped wholesale suppliers and manufacturers fast
– Email inquiry template that will increase your chances of getting accounts opened
– What to say when companies say no to Amazon or online sellers
– Reasons you can share why companies may want to consider allowing their products on Amazon if they are afraid or say no initially
– How to answer questions commonly asked by suppliers such as, Do you have a website?
– How to create a website quickly if you happen to need one
– How to analyze price lists and catalogs fast to find winning products to sell
– How to develop a system you can work easily or outsource to someone


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