JSP (Java Server Pages) Training .

JSP (Java Server Pages) Training
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Become a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn core concepts of JSP and build interactive & complex web applications using JSP
What you'll learn

Describe JavaServer Pages and their relationship to servlets and J2EE generally
How to build database-related Web applications using JavaServer Pages
Fundamentals of Java server side web development
How a JSP is translated into a servlet and processed at runtime
Newer features and techniques, including JSP expressions and the JSTL tags
Know everything about JSP and learn to apply JSP code to build a web application
Manage cookies to store client-specific information at various scopes and duration

How to build a fully functioning JSP and Servlets web application from scratch
Understand and use Java Database Connectivity
Write JavaBeans and access JavaBeans from servlets / JSPs
Use JavaBeans to implement effective interactive JSP applications
Use JSP tags and understand JSP JavaBean scopes
How to use JSP forwarding
Use Model, View, Controller methodologies
Enumerate and use the implicit objects available to scripting elements
Explain the use of directives on JSPs and outline the principal directives
Implement simple JSPs that use Java code in declarations, expressions and scriptlets
Use Java exception handling and JSP error pages to handle errors in JSP applications
Implement session management for a JSP application
Describe custom tags in JSP and explain how they are implemented
Describe the various uses of XML in JSP applications
Deploy a logical Web application to a Web server in a WAR file
Implement an interactive Web application using HTML forms and JSP


Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!


Java Server Pages (JSP) is a server-side programming technology that enables the creation of dynamic, platform-independent method for building Web-based applications. JSP have access to the entire family of Java APIs, including the JDBC API to access enterprise databases. This tutorial will teach you how to use Java Server Pages to develop your web applications in simple and easy steps.

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