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Mark Bishop – Hookum UPDATED

Give 'Em' Away. Make Money & Build a List

1 Hour & $5 to Implement
100% Newbie Friendly
No learning curve

Each hook is highly targeted which means no tire kickers

Hookum enables you to sell to everyone.
Even people who absolutely Hate being sold to

$5 and 1 Hour per Project. Completely Passive & 100% Newbie Friendly

Genuinely Easy: A simple twist on an old school method makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money (sometimes within mere hours).

You'll kick yourself for not thinking of this yourself

No Thinking Required: A simple 1-2-3 easy to replicate 1 hour system for making fast and consistent & passive affiliate commissions while simultaneously building a list.

Zero Maintenance: Build your first Hookum project in the next hour, & then build another, and another. it's that simple!

Rabid Audience: Deploy in any niche, area, market and use any platform you like. See how easy it is to grow targeted lists while pumping out affiliate commission.

Remember you simply have to give Hooks away once you do. they'll want to buy whatever it is you're selling

Affiliate Commission derived from several methods
Simple, No Tech, No Learning, No Experience Formula

Perfect for Newbies: This worked for me when nothing else did. because, it is 'mind numbingly simple'. and I'm a complete technophobe lol.
Did I say it was Easy?

Why complicate things – I have the whole process down to 3 simple to master steps.
Simple. Under the radar. Competition Free

No learning curve. the whole thing takes around 1 hour to complete from start to finish regardless of experience

Even newbies will understand this business model & be able to make money with it quickly

All you have to do is Give Them Away… Could YOU do That?
And here's the great news: Hookum Requires..

No learning curve
No waiting about for traffic
No fancy software
Only very basic knowhow
Just '1' domain & hosting

No videos
And as little as $5 to get started (+ domain and Hosting)

See Inside…

When you see just how cheap we're letting you have access to Hookum for. You might assume this is some Cheap & Nasty Product & Training. But that ISN'T the Case.
I actually do this. I have done for years.

So the training you get is exactly what you need. Take a look at the members area.

Instant access to Hookum Members area
Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
Hookum Blueprint PDF (45 pages )

Hookum 'Native Ad' Content Structure PDF (16 Pages)
47 Minute Video (Contains Traffic Details)
Case Study PDF (16 Pages)

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