Successful Investing Mindset & Strategies .

Successful investing mindset & strategies
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What I've learned from working with top CEOs and some amazing investors

I've wanted to put together this course for a long-time and now, I have finally done it. So what is it all about? Reverse engineering the lessons I learned…

It's my first online course (go a little easy on me…) so I have launched it on a few key areas I think every single investor needs to spend time developing. The course is broken down into three key areas:

1. Planning – Many investors skimp out on planning. Imagine jumping in a car and not knowing where you want to go. You either run out of fuel or crash. Likewise when it comes to investing, your destination is the ultimate starting point of discovery.

2. Execution – Everybody wants to sit on the beach and brag to their friends about how much money they've made investing, but guest what? Most investors lose and some lose big. Execution requires understanding the game and knowing how to play.

3. Sharpening – The best investors in the world, the top company CEO's (not the jerks who get paid and lose money, I'm talking about those who create value) all believe in continuous improvement. Most investors think they know it all and miss out on the importance of education, skills development and expanding their mindset. This is a huge trap.

Bottom line: This course will make you think about your investments in a different way, help you demystify the technical jargon and help put you back on a path of simplicity. It doesn't have to be rocket science and remember, investing should be enjoyable. I hope that I help you achieve this realisation.

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