Tantra Mastery: Self

Tantra Mastery: Self-Development, Dating & Relationships

Course Description
People are not perfect. Yet we play this role that we are. We want everyone to think that we are completely amazing living our lives to the fullest. We have amazing relationships with everyone and if not it's their fault. But we all know that is not true. We have bad feelings. Not only about ourselves but also towards people we love! And we don't like these feelings! We feel terrible. We feel terrible that we are unhappy that our dear friend or sibling is successful. You want to be happy for them but there is that site of you that says: I don't want you to be successful!.

Why do you feel this and how to process it AND how to get rid of it you will find in this course.

The same with relationships or dating. Are you fighting over stuff that doesn't make sense? Like missed dinners, money, dishes, female/male friends – fights with no end nor reasonable solution. This course will teach you exactly how to "fight" the tantra way in order to always get to the real core of the problem. This course will teach you to accept your partner, listen to your partner, fight with your partner and any person in your life so it always results in a good bonding experience and solution.

You will learn how to perceive love so you can yourself create this feeling. How to love unconditionally your partner and friends with all the flaws you may see and which may annoy you. Especially you will learn how to love in the Present moment which will make a huge difference with all the vibes and signals coming from your body. Your every touch will become electrical because it will be filled with present love.

You will simply reach your potential and people will love being around you. You will become that one person you always wanted to be – perfect you.

Stay Tantrealistic


What are the requirements?
You need to commit to go deep
What am I going to get from this course?
Get self aware
Analyse triggers inside of you
Know the main cause of these triggers

Know therapies that can be done to identify inner pains and blocks
Express yourself fully exactly how you feel
Solve every fight in a healthy way finding the right solution and the right cause of every fight
Distinguish between superficial reasons of fights and real reasons
Love unconditionally everyone, accepting how they are
Love yourself !!!
Love in the present moment

Realise chakras, know important things about yoga and breathing and how is it connected to Tantra
Realise your own body, get connected with every inch of it

Understand how people react how they behave and why
Understand the processes that drive us to do certain things (even bad things)
Become kind of a therapist and psychic in predicting peoples actions
See through masks and roles of people around you
Be yourself in every situation, confident and just happy in your own skin
Get the Tantric touch
What is the target audience?
Anyone feeling not enough
feeling lost, not happy with who they are
confused with feelings of sudden anger or sadness
getting triggered by other people and their comments/actions
having dark thoughts towards friends/family/lovers and being ashamed of them
wanting to know what's happening inside of them, why they have certain feelings
people not happy in relationships – not knowing how to solve fights, accept the partner, lacking communication
people not confident, not happy and in peace with who they are

people who want to find inner peace and purpose
people who want to get connected with themselves and their possible sexual partners
people having troubles opening up to love
ANYONE who wants to work on themselves

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