Cisco CCNA Command Guide For Beginners And Intermediates: A Practical Step By Step Guide to Cisco CCNA Routing And Switching Command Line for Beginners and Intermediates .

Are you about to do the CCNA Routing and Switching examination but still feel like you do not have what it takes to ace it with confidence, especially because still dont understand how to use different commands?
And are you wondering what it takes to become a master in the networking industry?
If you answered YES, keep reading…You Have Just Discovered The Latest And Most Updated Guide That Will Help You Become A Master Cisco CCNA Networking Engineer In A Quick And Easy Way!

The Cisco CCNA certifications are one of the most valuable certifications in the field of communications and networks globally, as having the certification shows that the holder has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform all the functions that a network administrator should!
The fact that you are reading this is a clear indicator that you want to enhance your knowledge of Cisco CCNA commands and you are probably looking for answers to all the questions in your mind like
How do I connect devices to a network and what cable types do I need to use which commands should I use?
Can I still master Cisco CCNA if I am a beginner?
How do I convert an address from decimal to binary?
How do I configure different routers like a pro?
What are the different commands that I should use to configure different network devices and how do I enter these commands?
If you have these and other related questions, then this guide is what you need as it covers all the CCNA level switching and routing commands in a straightforward and easy to digest manner, allowing you to utilize the information easily, whether you are in an equipment closet or a server room.Here a preview of what youll find in the book:
-Commands that will help you connect devices together over a network
-How to subnet IP addresses using command line
-How to use the command-line interface
-How to configure routers and the different commands to use
-The basics of RIP routing and how to troubleshoot RIP commands
-EIGRP commands and troubleshooting
-Switch configuration commands
-How to set up hostnames from command line
-How to configure VLAN ports using commands
-And much more

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, with this guide in your possession, your learning curve to becoming a professional networking engineer will be shorter.
Even if youve already gotten your certification and are looking for a quick reference while in your line of work, this book will prove helpful!Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

Authors: Craig Berg

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 11:07:32 AM

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Language: English



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