Windows Powershell and Scripting Made Easy For Sysadmins: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Windows Powershell And Scripting To Automate Tasks And Environment .

Are you a system administrator, consultant, or power user who wants to expand their expertise in automating and controlling the windows environment?
And are you looking for a comprehensive guide that will help you become a pro at your own convenience and pace even if youve never set foot into a software development class?If you answered YES to these questions, this book is for you so keep on reading
You Are About To Master How To Unlock The Advanced Functionalities Of Windows Powershell Scripting To Help You Automate Different Tasks In The Windows Environment!

Windows PowerShell is a very powerful tool that most people do not yet know of as it is still fairly new. It offers a handy way to automate the windows environment.

However, working with this function can be difficult if you do not have the necessary knowledge of going about it.
This book bridges that gap as it provides you with all the knowledge you need to help you automate common administrative jobs and tasks.
By virtue that you are here, it is clear that you are eager to get started and you are probably wondering
What is Windows PowerShell and what exactly does it do?
How do I install PowerShell on my computer?
Can Windows PowerShell be installed on other operating systems apart from Windows?
What are the main PowerShell commands that I should know of?
How do I get started with scripting using PowerShell?
If you have these and other related questions about getting started with Windows PowerShell, keep reading, as this book has everything you need to get you started, even if you do not consider yourself tech-savvy.More precisely, you will find:
-What PowerShell is and how to install it on different operating systems
-Different PowerShell commands and what they do
-The core concepts of scripting using PowerShell
-How to use conditional statements and PowerShell loops
-How to combine scripting and commands
-And much more

Even if you are a complete beginner, this comprehensive guide is perfect for you as it will help you learn PowerShell fast.
It is structured in a way that allows readers to understand the concepts using real-world situations as opposed to a textbook format. Youll be scripting like a pro in no time.
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Authors: Various

Date: 2019

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Language: English



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